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How to Prep for Your Fishing Trip

Going on a fishing trip is fun, exciting and a real vacation for fishermen that enjoy this sport activity so much. You get in the water, surrounded by all the silence and calmness of the surrounding environment, being alone with your thoughts. However, a fishing trip is not as loose like going on a vacation on the sea (like that one is loose and easy to pack for). It requires your full fishing equipment being carefully packed, and also the accompanying stuff you need to have with you. So, to make sure you don't get nervous when you need to leave for your fishing trip, here's a short guide on how to prepare in the easiest and fastest way:

Don't Forget Your License

    Don't ruin your entire fishing trip by forgetting to bring your fishing license. In almost every state and national park you're going to need a license to fish; so that's the first thing you need to put in your bag. Moreover, if you already have a pass for national parks or other passes (like annual permits for fishing or entries into parks, lakes and rivers that are under the state's ownership) don't forget to take them as well. Or if you don't have these, make sure you buy one. Annual, if you consider going on a fishing trip again this year.

Do It Like a Local

    If you are in unfamiliar waters, make sure you do your research first. You should know what type of fish swim in those waters, which bite the most and what approach, tackle and bait are best to use. It's always good to have local knowledge of everything on the fishing matter, as to know what do you need to get from equipment before you go on the trip. After all, you're aiming for the best catch right?

The Right Gear

    So, here's what you need to know first, so you get the right gear: are you going to be fishing on a lake versus a stream, or you're going to be in an ocean versus an inlet or bay? Next you need to determine the level of visibility of the water, how is the water moving, what are the tides and most importantly, to be clear on the type of fish you're hunting: small, medium or large? All these questions when clearly and precisely answered will give you a clear guideline on what type of rod and reel, tackle and bait should you get for your fishing trip.

Be Prepared

    Being in open waters is not an easy task. You're in water, probably very far away from actual land, and if you're planning on staying for more days you need to be fully equipped for it. Meaning, you need to expect weather changes such as storms and big waves. You need to have all the equipment for boating, like life vests and a lot of layers of clothing as to be able to blend with the surrounding environment in the worst case scenario. Also, don't forget standard traveling equipment: GPS, mobile phone, flashlight, compass and a lot of food and water to cover you for the planned time period and more.